Phanes Header Graphic

Photos of a Typical Installation

Generator/windmill on the tower.

This is the heart of the system. Pumping out pure electricty when the wind is blowing.

Picture of the full mast assembly. This is the center base.

The base pictured here is 3 feet into the ground to give good support to the tower. It is also the fulcrum point for the jin pole to facilitate lowering the mast for maintenance. The wire that is visible is the ground wire.

This is the guywire base with the jin pole attached.

This is the guy wire attaching point. Again the footing is poured 3 feet deep for support. The jin pole is also visible here.

Anchor point for the guy wires.

Another example of the anchor points that the guy wires attach to. This one supports both the upper and lower wires.

control panel

The control panel configuration for this site. Depending on options this is a typical installation.

Control Panel

This is an expanded view including the battery box.

Typical battery box.

This is a typical battery box configuration.

Inspection Plate.

The inspecton plate indicating the installation was properly done.